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More Class 1 work

So. I've a variety of driving work that has kept me in money, which is good.

Night shunting of trailers over in Birmingham for a few weeks helped with me trying to remember the angles to use, where to point the front and back ends. All good practice.

Initially I was in a Volvo 4x2 Euro spec unit with an introduction to foreign trailers, their customs and the appalling abuse of the legs of the trailers. This meant most of them had to be wound up at slow speed.

Slow speed on the legs is there so that if the trailer was dropped with the legs in the raised position whilst fully loaded you could still hand wind the legs back out to get the unit underneath to recover it.

When the trailer is picked up the high speed option is used but if the legs are bent, out of alignment or just abused then I don't have enough strength to wind them up.

One of the days the office manager came out and wound a trailer up for me. Said it woke him up certainly and reckoned it was his exercise for the day. That was on of 8 trailers I shifted over a 12h period, bearing in mind I was also the one hauling them to the unloading bays to unsecure, supervise the unloading and then re secure their reloaded cargo

It was interesting and for the three weeks I did enjoy myself. There were days when it was also quite quiet and I caught up in my on-line worlds that I frequent, then it was back on to Days with rigids delivering car parts.

Between the two shifts I had a day run with a 6x2 (tri axle unit) and a tri axle trailer with rear steer. It was delivering bricks for a local company to places with a forklift to lift them off. Another enjoyable day and one to prove that my confidence in these longer bendy vehicles is improving considerably.

Then, as with these things, an opportunity was presented to me and so I trundled off to a local haulier I had been told about who wanted drivers; electronically, of course, to start with. This got me an interview, and, a short while later, a job.

So. I now drive Class 1 refrigerated lorries for a local company. The money is pretty good, and I get to drive the usual varieties of units (the bits at front, also called tractors) and either extra long rear steer trailers or the regular kind.
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