covltwt (covltwt) wrote,

Oppourtunities and unwellness

A bit more experience under the belt. Last week I was mostly shuttling rigids around, various sizes etc. I had a few trips out in artics and that was interesting too. Pulled into the wrong carpark in an artic and had to reverse out onto a main road that was busy at the time. Raining too, and my back was unwell.

This week I was due to go out with a company. I had previously had an interview and assessment and the latter for that was borderline so I've got a day of going out with one of their drivers, unpaid, to see how it goes.

Last night I came down with a bug. Fever, internal central heating, and felt weird. This morning it came back in force in the form of a trick to keep me within a few meters of the loo, so I spoke to them and arranged it for tomorrow instead. I shall move over to immodium later. I have to be careful that I don't OD on that, as the consequences are best not thought about but I have had such events before and one has to be careful.

The job isn't the best pay wise but then what is these days. They're offering a flat rate of £8ph for days, nights, weekends and OT. For that figure it's understandable why some drivers don't want to be working nights or weekends but I can cope with it, I have proved that before. And it's work, isn't it. Money coming in. 5 x 12h days is about £500 gross, so probably about £350 take home depending on taxes and the like, which is doable....

I just need to get there. Going ahead is OK, not a problem. Reversing with the bendy bit. Now THATs a problem, but practice is what makes it, right? ;)

So that's it parked up one morning at Warwick Services. I was heading from Derbyshire to Southampton (M1, A42, M42, M40, A34 and that last lump of motorway I've forgotten the number for. Possibly also the M271 to the port.

From the other side. VRM removed as I do that a lot on my photos... Drove OK, quite liked the Iveco ;)
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